About This Service

Beyond Security provides comprehensive website testing to ensure our client's sites are free of any threats to their visitors. Our website testing technology, WSSA, is powered by one of the world's most powerful and comprehensive security testing systems, the same system that is used by major banks, telecoms and international corporations.

About Beyond Security

We develop automated, comprehensive and easy-to-use security testing solutions that help organizations large and small secure their networks, websites and software products. Our customers can be confident that they have the highest resistance to attack possible and that they are in compliance with all security policies and legislation.

Find Out More About Web Site Security

Here's how you can have your own web site tested by WSSA.

What is this?

This report is the product of WSSA, the most comprehensive website security testing service available. Testing is being done regularly at the request of barnstinson.weebly.com to eliminate the possibility of website-borne problems like malware, SQL injection, cross site scripting and viruses.

How does it work?

Site owners who are concerned about the safety of their visitors and security of their site sign up for WSSA (our Web Site Security Audit). They know that by having WSSA test their web site regularly it will remain free of security problems. On a regular schedule WSSA automatically tests for all known security problems without any disruption to the site or its visitors.

Why is it important?

With the increased levels of online fraud it is important for enterprises to provide their customers with the highest level of security available to them, in order to maintain a trusting relationship. Only vulnerable sites can be affected, therefore a site that undergoes regularly testing can be certain of avoiding such risks.